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't worry, he says he has a plan. steve? >> what is it? meanwhile, london is burning. the city erupting into flames overnight as violent riots grow for a third straight day. latest details moments away. "fox & friends" up early on this tuesday starts now. >> hey, this is boone pickens. you're watching "fox & friends." great show. watch it every morning. >> thank you very much for that endorsement and good morning, folks. we are up 5:00 a.m. eastern here in new york city. good morning to you, eric. >> good morning, steve dooszy. i got to tell you last night, i was here until 11:00 watching the markets. it's something very scary going on. around 10:00, the markets were down 100 points. it looks like there was no bottom at sight. we went 350 points lower at one point last night atop of that number right there. 634. literally 1,000 points for the day at one point. we closed the market and closed the show down and we woke up this morning and somehow, we have a little bit a bounceback. >> a little bit. >> a little bit of a bounceback. >> people are wondering about the asian markets and euro
and joining us from washington, steve moore, senior economics writer for the "wall street journal." now, steve, i know that our principles, you are opposed to what cynthia tucker just proposed. you think extending these unemployment benefited a infinitum is bad, bad, bad. let me ask you something, if you pull away extended unemployment benefits from people who are out of work. doesn't that hurt the economy because then they don't have money to spend and that hurts the shop owners, that hurts, you know, people who are providing their gas and utilities because they can't pay their bills and then the economy stalls even worse. >> you don't create jobs and employment by paying people to stay unemployed. that's essentially what the unemployment insurance program does. look, i don't have a problem with providing someone with three or six months of unemployment benefits if they fall hard on their luck and lose their jobs. as you know, juan, we are now paying people almost two years of benefits and the statistics in evidence is very clear on this. the longer you provide people unemployment benefits, t
kids themselves martha maccallum playing for jim from pensacola, florida. and steve doocy playing for mccain from california. sign up for a nice prize go to bill o'reilly.com. are you ready for the natural disaster edition, doocy? >> steve: i'm a master of disaster. >> bill: i know you haven't won this in about 19 weeks. >> i have hit a dry patch. question number one the plague also known as black death killed up to 100 million people in mid evil europe. that didn't stop monty python from making fun of it. >> i'm not dead. >> he says he is not dead. >> yes, is he. >> i'm not. >> he isn't? >> he will be soon he is very ill. >> i am getting better. >> can't take him like that. it's against regulation. >> i don't want to go. >> a baby. >> bill: mocking death. scientists believe the plague was spread how? correct fleas and rats. question number two, 1989 during game 3 of the world series the candle stick park in san francisco, earthquake struck on live tv. >> man, like, this man. >> i was just walking in from the parking lot. i saw the cars shaking and alarms going off. i will tell yo
soon. and mail keeps talking. >> bill: some will find a way steve. mark from alaska. >> bill: there you go. >>> it's attributed to john adams ideology is based on hopes and witches. >> bill: that's good to hear. you like that kind of research. damon is a generous guy and he is putting his money where his mouth is. can't complain. >> bill: miller invited me to the show? is that what you are saying bob, really? premium tickets are sold out at westbury on august 20th, you can check it all out, we have an appearance in richmond and atlanta city at our website more information. >> bill: the use the word pinhead is now everywhere down here. finally tonight. the troubled actress lindsay lohan apparently needs money. she signed to promote the country of new zealand. >> its beautiful island, movie star and loving jewelry. a gift for you it's a guy from new zealand. [ applause ] >> you didn't have to do that. thank you. >> this is for you. >> bill: don't we're, they are all paid for the puppet wise guy. i would have slapped that puppet. and they qualify her as a pinhead but we're giving her a bre
with a divided government. the markets are reacting. and steve in maryland. charles, krauthammer is wrong and you are right, bill. sorry about butchering your name. gary from illinois. just received my shirt for becoming a premium member. my son wants a pinheads and patriots shirt. this is fun. for us, gary, because you and thousands of others become premium members and buy stuff, we are able to give close to a million dollars to charity this year. david, san antonio, texas, bill we watch "the factor" in the galapagos islands. i want to know go there. brian neal, vacaville, california, saw "the factor" at the golden tulip inn in amsterdam, holland. another, watch you from a small town in northern thailand. appreciate all of you writing to us from all over the world. finally tonight, jon stewart traveled to afghanistan to meet the troops over there. stewart well understands the sacrifice of our military people overseas. >> the patience they display, the tenacity they display and competence they splay are astonishing, and they're doing it on a surface that at times resembles what i assume to be ven
ryan according to steve hayes at the "weekly standard" fox news contributor. that also adds a level of intrigue into this. >> yeah. if those reports are true, laura, it would spell a kind of a death nail death nell. whatever his intentions with the karl roves and the tony frattos and tony wieners. perry wants to be able to tap into the bush donor network. >> laura: money. >> if is he urging other people to run it could mean that perry will have a tough time accessing that money. >> laura: that money needs to be shaken down from the trees. thanks a lot for the reporting. >> thank you, laura. >> laura: when we come back, president obama promises to lay out his jobs plan right after a little vacation in martha's vineyard. some powerful black democrats lash out against president obama? are african-americans getting fed up with this president? those reports just moments away. >> laura: factor follow up segment tonight, president obama is about to head off to a lavish vacation up in martha's vin vineyard beautiful place while americans are desperate for work. president obama has announced
for that bit. i think it is time for you steve to visit us on the factor, is it not? that is it for us. check out the fox news factor website. we would like you to spout off from anywhere in the world, o'reilly@. name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, no lollygagging when writing not factor. we are going to follow up on that tosh kent. on that marco polo channel. thanks for watching tonight. i'm bill o'reilly remember the spin stops here, >> good morning, everybody. today is tuesday, august 23rdrd. i'm juliet huddy in for gretchen carlson. we begin once again with the fox news alert. terror teams bust a man, his truck packed with explosives destined for washington, d.c. what they say he had in mind. >> meanwhile, rebels fight for tripoli far from finish. colonel qaddafi is still missing and what about that son they captured? well, that's him right there. he's touring the streets. but new explosions as we speak. we're live with the very lates
from romp chester, indiana. and "fox & friends" guy steve doocy representing heidi ellsworth from davidson, michigan. if you would like to sign up for some nifty prizes go to bill o'reilly.com. mccallum off on another lavish vacation. >> i'm sure she is. >> why doesn't. >> peel grapes right about now. >> bill: this is terrorism edition. these questions are pretty hard, doocy. don't panic because i went offer these. if you know these questions, you are really on it ladies and gentlemen. >> okay. >> bill: question number one, 1980 bombing flight over lockerbie scotland killed 170 people. members of what legendary motown group narrowly missed being on that flight? cards up, please. ♪ hone bunch ♪ you know that i love you ♪ i can't help myself ♪ i love you and nobody else. >> bill: the great four tops, dagen mcdowell knows that. doocy no clue. >> it would have been better if it would have been the miracles >> bill: smoky robinson and the miracles they haven't been together for three decades. >> that would have opened as the headline. >> bill: that's why i threw it in there eli
" starts, steve, do you have the time? >> it starts right now!
Search Results 0 to 40 of about 41 (some duplicates have been removed)

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